Experts on Mexico

Charles Adams

Professor Emeritus, Anthropology
Curator Emeritus, Archaeology, Arizona State Museum
  • U.S. Southwest
  • Effects of aggregation and migration on prehistoric and protohistoric agricultural societies in the U.S. Southwest
  • Social and ritual organization of Pueblo groups in the U.S. Southwest

Maribel Alvarez

Associate Research Social Scientist and Associate Research Professor
The Southwest Center
  • Anthorpology, Folklore, Culture Organizations
  • The U.S. - Mexico Border
  • U.S. Southwest & Northwest Mexico

Diane Austin

Director, School of Anthropology
Professor, School of Anthropology
Research Anthropologist (BARA)
  • Applied environmental anthropology
  • community dynamics amid large-scale industrial activity and environmental change; alternative technologies and education to increase environmental, social, and community justice; and community-based,
  • collaborative research and outreach

Jessica Braithwaite

Associate Professor, School of Government and Public Policy, University of Arizona
  • Conflict & Security
  • Democracy & Dictatorship, International Relations
  • Mexico and Latin America

Michael Brescia

Curator of Ethnohistory (Continuing), Arizona State Museum
Affiliated Professor, History, Latin American Studies, and James E. Rogers College of Law
Research Associate, Southwest Center
  • Living legacies of Spanish and Mexican water law, property rights, and natural resources in the North American West.
  • Colonial Mexico
  • Mexico, Latin America, and North America

Susan Briante

Associate Professor, Creative Writing and Literature
  • Poetry and poetics, cross-genre writing
  • Experiment autobiography, documentary studies, affect theory, and translation
  • US-Mexico Border

Michael Burgoyne

Assistant Professor of Practice, International Security Studies M.A Program, School of Government and Public Policy
  • Security in the Western Hemisphere,
  • Insurgency, transnational organized crime, alliances, and defense policy.
  • Mexico

Maritza Cardenas

Associate Professor, English
Director of Global Studies
  • Latinx cultural productions,
  • Marginalized identities and subjectivities, disability studies, and transnational community formations
  • US Central Americans, Global Studies

Luis E. Coronado Guel

Director, SBS Mexico Initiatives
Adjunct Professor, Department of History
Adjunct Professor, Mexican American Studies Department
Affiliate Faculty, Binational Migration Institute
Research Associate, Southwest Center
Affiliate, Public History Collaborative
  • Intellectual History, Cultural History, Public History
  • Mexico, North America, U.S.- Mexico Border, Latin America,
  • Mexican Studies, North American Studies, Latin American Studies, Latinx Studies, Chicano/a Studies, Cultural Heritage Studies
he, him, his

Daniel E. Martínez

Associate Professor, Distinguished Scholar Sociology & Mexican American Studies Department
Co-Director, Binational Migration Institute
Human Rights Cluster Coordinator, UA-UNAM Binational Reserach Consortium on Migration, Human Rights, and Human Security
  • Latina/o/x panethnicity
  • The relationship between so-called “sanctuary” policies and public safety
  • The ecological correlates of officer-involved shootings and violent crime.

Oscar Martinez

Regents Professor Emeritus, History Department
  • Economic History, Mexican History, Mexican American Studies
  • Mexico and the U.S. Relations
  • US-Mexico Border, Mexican Immigration to the U.S.

Barbara Mills

Regents' Professor, Anthropology
Curator of Archaeology, Arizona State Museum
Professor, American Indian Studies
  • Ceramic analysis, archaeologies of inequality, migration, colonialism, memory and materiality
  • Heritage preservation
  • Southwest archaeology, social network analysis in archaeology

Anna O'Leary

Associate Professor & Head, Mexican American Studies
Co-Director, Binational Migration Institute
Migration Cluster Coordinator, UA-UNAM Binational Reserach Consortium on Migration, Human Rights, and Human Security
  • Undocumented immigration to the U.S.
  • Education, culture and urban politics of Mexican/U.S.
  • Mexican populations, the political economy of the U.S.-Mexico border, and gender issues

Javier Osorio

Assistant Professor, School of Government and Public Policy
Human Security Cluster Coordinator, UA-UNAM Binational Reserach Consortium on Migration, Human Rights, and Human Security

Christopher Scott

Former Director, Udall Center-Studies in Public Policy
Adjunct Professor, Geography & Development
  • Resilience of coupled natural-human systems
  • Adaptation to climate change
  • Water security, & the water-energy-food security nexus

Gemma Smith

Assistant Professor, School of Government and Public Policy
Assistant Research Professor, Udall Center for Studies of Public Policy
  • Environmental Governance, Policy and Justice, Water Governance, Global and Transboundary Institutions
  • Local Government, Institutional Analysis, Collaborative Governance
  • Climate Change Adaptation, Environmental Impact Assessment
she, her, hers

Elizabeth Tellman

Joint Assistant Professor, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
Assistant Professor, School of Geography, Development, and Environment (home department)
  • Analysis Techniques Computational models, algorithms
  • Decision making under uncertainty, Remote sensing Climate Biogeochemical cycles, processes, and modeling Climate
  • Modelling Hydrologic interactions with climate Environmental Hydrology Biogeochemical cycles, processes, Modeling Urban systems Human, Water Interactions Sociohydrology, Water governance, Water security Surface, Water Hydrology Modern- and Paleo-floods