Experts in Mexico

Charles Adams

Professor Emeritus, Anthropology
Curator Emeritus, Archaeology, Arizona State Museum
  • U.S. Southwest
  • Effects of aggregation and migration on prehistoric and protohistoric agricultural societies in the U.S. Southwest
  • Social and ritual organization of Pueblo groups in the U.S. Southwest

Diane Austin

Director, School of Anthropology
Professor, School of Anthropology
Research Anthropologist (BARA)
  • Applied environmental anthropology
  • community dynamics amid large-scale industrial activity and environmental change; alternative technologies and education to increase environmental, social, and community justice; and community-based,
  • collaborative research and outreach

Michael Brescia

Curator of Ethnohistory (Continuing), Arizona State Museum
Affiliated Professor, History, Latin American Studies, and James E. Rogers College of Law
Research Associate, Southwest Center
  • Living legacies of Spanish and Mexican water law, property rights, and natural resources in the North American West.
  • Colonial Mexico
  • Mexico, Latin America, and North America

Daniel E. Martínez

Associate Professor, Distinguished Scholar Sociology & Mexican American Studies Department
Co-Director, Binational Migration Institute
Human Rights Cluster Coordinator, UA-UNAM Binational Reserach Consortium on Migration, Human Rights, and Human Security
  • Latina/o/x panethnicity
  • The relationship between so-called “sanctuary” policies and public safety
  • The ecological correlates of officer-involved shootings and violent crime.

Barbara Mills

Regents' Professor, Anthropology
Curator of Archaeology, Arizona State Museum
Professor, American Indian Studies
  • Ceramic analysis, archaeologies of inequality, migration, colonialism, memory and materiality
  • Heritage preservation
  • Southwest archaeology, social network analysis in archaeology

Anna O'Leary

Associate Professor & Head, Mexican American Studies
Co-Director, Binational Migration Institute
Migration Cluster Coordinator, UA-UNAM Binational Reserach Consortium on Migration, Human Rights, and Human Security
  • Undocumented immigration to the U.S.
  • Education, culture and urban politics of Mexican/U.S.
  • Mexican populations, the political economy of the U.S.-Mexico border, and gender issues

Elizabeth Tellman

Joint Assistant Professor, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
Assistant Professor, School of Geography, Development, and Environment (home department)
  • Analysis Techniques Computational models, algorithms
  • Decision making under uncertainty, Remote sensing Climate Biogeochemical cycles, processes, and modeling Climate
  • Modelling Hydrologic interactions with climate Environmental Hydrology Biogeochemical cycles, processes, Modeling Urban systems Human, Water Interactions Sociohydrology, Water governance, Water security Surface, Water Hydrology Modern- and Paleo-floods