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MAS 395 A - Lucha Libre Toys & Collectibles show material culture of Mexican Superheros.

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MAS 395A Special Topics in Mexican American Studies / LAS and HIST elective course. 
Mexican Superheroes, Demons, and Idols

Binational Symposium “Shared Cultural Heritage: Memory Spaces, Experiences, and Boundaries.”

On the Edge Research Network (Symposium Participants) at the UA Old Main. Scholars from Mexican Institutions CISAN-UNAM, COLSAN, University of Sinaloa, participated at the Binational Symposium “Shared Cultural Heritage: Memory Spaces, Experiences, and Boundaries. Feb 26 to March 1, 2019.

SBS & CONACYT Center El Colegio de San Luis signed an academic agreement to collaborate on the Social Sciences.

SBS & COLSAN (CONACYT Reserach Center) Formalized academic collaboration. In the photo: Dr. Luis E. Coronado Guel, Dr. David Vazquez Salguero, UA President Dr. Robert Robbins, and Dean JP Jones III. 

Image of Dr. Luis Coronado Guel, Sandra Westdahl, Carmen Baron, Arlene Islas, & Dr.Jose Luis Puerta holding 2 Emmys

Mexican Folklorico Dance Event. September 28, 2018. In the Photo: Dr. Luis Coronado Guel, Sandra Westdahl (AzPM producer & Emmy Winner), Carmen Baron ( Folklorico Dance Teacher), Arlene Islas (AzPM Film Maker - Emmy Winner), Dr.Jose Luis Puerta ( Assistant Profesor,  School of Music).

Binational Consortiu, UA-UNAM; Migration, Human Security, and Human Rights. More information in Consortium Menu Item.

Image of Dr. Luis Coronado Guel, Professor Noam Chomsky, and Carmen Aristegui

SBS Mexico Initiatives coordinated an interview between prominent Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui and Prof. Noam Chomsky. October 12, 2018.

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In the photo: Dr. Luis Coronado Guel, Professor Noam Chomsky, and Carmen Aristegui.

Israel Trejo, Dr. Jennifer Jenkins and Dr. Luis E. Cornado Guel in the recording studio preparing to record their session titled, "México y Arizona: Una historia filica compartida.

The Office of SBS Mexico Initiatives was created in the fall of 2016 to consolidate collaborative efforts on the social and behavioral sciences with Mexico, its academic institutions, organizations, scholars, students, and communities. Our purpose is creating a strategic and sustainable plan for bi-national collaboration, and providing resources for SBS units, faculty, and students to facilitate joint research and scholarly activity.

We focus on collaborative research/outreach, student recruitment, and assisting with curriculum design on Mexico.We also provide spaces to think and discuss broadly on the impact of social sciences in Mexico and the United States, to celebrate shared cultural heritages and populations, and to promote awareness on issues of mutual importance.



Watch Luis Coronado Guel & Carmen Aristegui Interview on the 2018 Zenger Award(Spanish)