SBS Mexico Initiatives (General Donation Fund)

The Office of SBS Mexico Initiatives was created in the fall of 2016 to create a sustainable plan for bi-national collaboration, and provide resources for SBS units, faculty, and students to facilitate joint research and scholarly activity on the social and behavioral sciences with Mexico. We focus on collaborative research/outreach, student recruitment, and assisting with curriculum design on Mexico. We also provide spaces to think and discuss broadly on the impact of social sciences in Mexico and the United States, to celebrate shared cultural heritages and populations, and to promote awareness on issues of mutual importance.

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Scott Whiteford SBS Mexico Initiative Visiting Scholars Graduate Student Fund

This endowment is a tribute to the endless legacy of Professor Scott Whiteford to the studies on Mexico, Latin America, and the US-Mexico Border, as well a recognition to his contributions to establishing the Mexico Initiatives Office in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. It supports graduate students as visiting scholars seeking to conduct research on Mexico, the US.-Mexico Border, Mexico-U.S. Relations, the North American Region, social transborder processes in the region, Mexican American Studies, and any theme that aligns with the SBS Mexico Initiatives mission to celebrate and promote awareness of the social sciences in Mexico and the United States.

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