Chomsky/Waterstone 2020 Spring Course "What's Politics?" hosted & video-streamed at El Colegio de San Luis

Feb. 18, 2020

This spring the Community Classroom course “What is Politics?” taught by professors emeritus Marvin Waterstone and Noam Chomsky has been virtually hosted at El Colegio de San Luis, a CONACYT Research Center on the social sciences located in central Mexico. This course is offered  by the UA College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) for seven weeks in the spring of 2020 and opens for students and public of all ages. El Colegio de San Luis in partnership with SBS have shared the seminar through live video-streaming transmitted simultaneously at the UA in Tucson and at El Colegio de San Luis, in San Luis Potosi Mexico. This is a binational shared experience for the seminar participants in both countries.

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