Boletín UNAM-DGCS featured Keynote Lecture by Luis Coronado Guel at the International Seminar North America in the new world order

Nov. 24, 2023

"The integration process between Mexico and the United States poses advantages and disadvantages," said Luis Coronado Guel.

Luis Coronado Guel

Dr. Luis Coronado Guel, delivering the keynote lecture:
Mexico-United States integration processes from the border perspective

Reconfiguration of economic and political relations has repercussions in North America • For Graciela Martínez-Zalce Sánchez in Mexico, nearshoring must be accompanied by comprehensive policies • The integration process between our country and the United States poses advantages and disadvantages, said Luis Coronado Guel. The lack of border infrastructure on the Mexican side and the growing influence of organized crime put the economic opportunities derived from nearshoring at risk. Likewise, the relocation of US investment in China and the rearticulation of global value chains pose challenges and opportunities for Mexico, which is why it is essential that specialists explore these issues carefully, academics at UNAM agreed.

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